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Hi ya'll,

I am leaving to go out of town today! I will be in Chicago than Las Vegas, NV. I will back online Tuesday. Stay focussed and remember start today because tomorrow will never ever come. Take one day at a time and stay in the boxing ring & fight, fight, fight! Remember the true battlefield is WITHIN:

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

If it imprisons YOU IT MATTERS! BY:RUBY

If it imprisons YOU IT MATTERS! BY:RUBY
Hi My sweet friends,

There are so many of US who are in prison by our on mind, body and soul!
Who holds the key to let us out?
Who have we given the key to?
On the outside we are free, but in many ways we are imprisoned by our own hands.
Open your hands and look with the eyes of your soul and I promise you will find that the
key to release you from your own personal prison was always in YOUR hands!
What may be small to others are bigger 2 some.
What may be bigger to others may be small 2 some.
If it imprisons YOU it MATTERS! If it imprisons YOU IT MATTERS!
Words are so POWERFUL!
Be careful what you say 2 others, how you treat others, how you look at others.
Your words may give them the power to imprison themselves for a life time. Be careful to not
believe everything that people
say about you.
Be careful not 2 give them the POWER to IMPRISON YOU!
The truth is we ALL, we ALL, we ALL were born for a reason and have a PURPOSE!!!
Our destiny does not lie in the voices of our past, present or future!
Our destiny lies in US!!!!
Today right at this very second chose to believe in YOU!!!
Chose to live YOUR PASSION! That very thing that burns in the pit of your soul that you
long to do and can't let go of DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! No longer look at your failures from the past or
the ones you make today or in all your tomorrows. Yes! We will have repercussions from our mistakes,
but they are not meant to entrap us! Take responsibility and learn! Don't let your mind make you think it is the end because my friend it is never the end!
Your destiny waits before you it is your divine purpose. It's the reason you're here and the
only thing that will stop YOU from getting to the other side is YOUR MIND!!!
Fear only has the power we give it! I only speak from experience! Addictions form only
because we rather have an escape than face the road to our destiny! Because on the road to
our destiny WE ALL FAIL and failing is so hard for us! Guess what is the HARDEST... getting
out of YOUR addiction.
So what we thought was an easy escape, moment of pleasure to make us feel better for
failing or not facing our truth, pain, someone else's expectations, approval, parents, siblings,
friends, husband, wife, child, etc...has actually held us hostage!!!
I am sure we all could make our own list.
Chose today 2 free yourself. If you are so far into your addiction get help ask for help
GET FREE from it!
when I say, "YOU CAN NOT DO THIS ALONE!!!"
Pray, Pray, Pray then ask FOR HELP. It is all around you!
If your addiction is killing YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, etc... go where YOU need to go and
get HELP!
PLEASE READ BELOW and look at addiction and click on the site about myth and if YOU find you need help click and email someone on that site!!!
Ya'll I am just a baby in all of this still crawling , but I promised ya'll when I find truth
I will tell ya'll too. Everything I find out for the first time you will too.

If this is for YOU great and if YOU are already there then YAY!!!!!!!
The Bible says, " we are self- deceivers"! I am ready to walk not crawl and my dream is for us all to know our worth and believe in ourselves, have our dreams and beat our beast if he is small,
medium or big!
Ask for help and believe in YOU!!!
Be careful what you say or do to others don't give them words that may trap them in their
own prison! Do not do what others have done to you. Do to others how you want to be

I can't wait for you to go through this part of the journey with me. We laugh so much!
We cry! Yes I still do crazy things LOL! After having severe nightmares, I go to the sleep clinic only to find that those visions could be lost memories. The search for my memories continues but I find more missing pieces to the
puzzle after I hire a private investigator. The PI tracks down a mysterious doctor from my
childhood who reveals many things to me and sheds a whole new light on my adolescence
and my family. I go into the deepest part of my soul and find out that is where all our truth
lies. Too many of us have lived on the surface for 2 long and hide behind every beast known
to man. I can't hide any longer. I must face my beast. You'll get a chance to watch how I
discover the true definition of addiction. You'll discover along with me what a food addict is
and where the root of addiction comes from; that my addiction is no different than analcoholics addiction, or a heroin addict only difference is that I still have to consume on a daily basis the very substance that could kill me.I am finding out the truth behind our habits, addictions, etc...why we always feel we are in an endless circle
and have NO WAY out! I looked up the word addiction in the dictionary and this is it's
1. being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or
physically habit-forming
2. an abnormally strong craving
3. (Roman law) a formal award by a magistrate of a thing or person to another person.
a surrender to a master
Wow! Than I looked up denial:
1. the act of refusing to comply (as with a request)
2. the act of asserting that something alleged is not true
3. (psychiatry) a defense mechanism that denies painful thoughts
4. renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others
5. a defendant's answer or plea denying the truth of the charges against him
When you start watching the show you will see why I looked up these 2 words
Myth #1: A person can quit if they really want to.
Willpower has little to do with addiction. No amount of willpower alone can make
an addict change or overcome their behavior. A critical component of the addiction
recovery process is recognizing and understanding the underlying pain of addiction.
Addicts must be equipped with the appropriate tools to deal with their addictive behavior
and unhealthy patterns for successful long-term recovery.
Click here 2 read more or if you need help email someone here: