Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Come to the edge, He said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, He said. They came. He pushed them, And they flew . . ."

Hi ya'll,

I am sorry I haven't written in awhile, but I am filming my journey!
So many things are happening & I can't wait to share them w/ ya'll! I'v enclosed answers to a lot of your questions so pls read! I am shooting in LA right now & got my hair done by Ken Paves he is
MY sweet man, MIRACLE WORKER FOR HAIR!! KEN PAVES & Martin & his mom & his incredible team R AMAZING!!!!
I am downloading pictures 2 post 4 ya'll!

Thank U 4 UR SUPPORT/LOVE/PRAYERS pls keep fighting this fight with me! We can beat anything if we stay in the boxing ring! Go after your dreams! Do not let anything stop U from living UR GOD given destiny!

I went on vacation and went through a lot between our breaks and even though I watched what I ate I ended up losing & gaining 21 pounds and hated myself for it! I am sorry ya'll! One thing I found out through all of this is I am really healing! Instead of me continuing 2 gain weight & beating myself up 2 much I got back on track! I am sorry 2 let ya'll down, but I need ya'll 2 know my truth. I am so back on track and Dr. Jane said, "Ruby this is part of recovery. We fall, we fail, but recovery is when you can get back on track!" YAY!!!

Ya'll just because I shoot a show please remember I am shooting my truth! I WILL NEVER LIE 2 ANY OF YOU! My truth is I am battling the biggest beast in my life. I got right back in the ring and I am ready 2 finish this once and for all! I am mad at this beast and HE will not win!!!

We are filming right now and I can't give away 2 much.

We have to take baby steps and start over even if we mess up! My nutrients told me that when I vacation and go out 2 eat 2 always add 300 calories to everyone of my meals. When you are on 1200 to 1500 a day calorie intake and vacationing that is tough. Think about it that is already 900 calories X out! Lordy!

I did find out we must workout every time we vacation or we are home. If we work out we will not gain weight. Make sure we all are moving daily for 45 mins 2 an hr. If we do we will maintain our weight or lose more. It can be something you love, love, love 2 do. Dancing, riding a bike, walking, tennis, ping pone, etc... we must keep moving! We unfortunately never get a vacation this is our addiction and we must stay on top or it. Please learn by my mistake.

The great news is I am doing great again and it has made me mad enough 2 beat this. WE always have to be aware!! This is a daily fight for me and there are times I feel like I WILL NEVER BEAT THIS! Life is so hard, economy is tough. We are fighting to survive this thing call LIFE! One day we wake up not from sleep, but from a place so deep you can't describe where you've been, all you know you've awaken to find you are being controlled by a substance, person, ghost from your past, etc.. and there are two things you will end up doing, you will either numb yourself to avoid your situation or you will fight and overcome. One thing we all must remember, numbing and avoiding is for a moment and in that one moment we can crumble and die mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I read many of your emails and letters. There is severe pain in this world. Hurt so deep you can't breathe because you feel no one cares, loves, values or appreciates you. Many have lost someone from natural death, freak accidents, unexpectedly. You have lost a parent, sibling, husband, wife, child, pet, friend, your soul mate, and that pain is so deep and it cuts us like a knife and the only thing you want to do is not feel, because if you let yourself feel this pain one second you may lose your mind. Some of you have lost your jobs, homes and do not know where your next meal will come from. Young people are fighting to be accepted, to be loved, for someone to hear your secret cry for love. The strange thing is I find we all have something or someone we are fighting. We all fight a beast the wealthy, the unwealthy, healthy, the unhealthy, child, teenager, adults, boy, girl, man, woman. The worse thing through all of this you do not know who to trust at all, who will we open up to that will not abandon us, who can save us from ourselves. Lets remember the most important thing is to stop judging one another and hating each other because we look different, come from different backgrounds, etc...

One thing God has taught me through His love is that we all are human beings, no one is better than this or that person. We all were born for a purpose and have a God given destiny. Everyone of ya'll know what I am talking about. It is that place so deep in the heart that burns and burns, and when you find yourself doing the very thing you were born to do there is a peace that comes all over you and you are the happiest you've ever been. I am crawling right now, and there are times I want to never feel anything. I want todisassociate from people and life.

That is the old Ruby fighting with the new Ruby. I guess you can say I am growing up!! But I will not STOP, I will not GIVE UP! I will move, because not moving means I am frozen by fear. I will not let fear stop me; not fear of the past, present or future. I will fight every single day and some days I will crawl like a baby, some days I will take baby steps and other days I will take giant leaps! Guess what, I will keep going because as long as I crawl, step, leap I will get to the finish line and to my God given destiny! I am finding out childhood is the core of who we are, and we must face it and deal with it. Once we do, it will no longer chain us in the past with hurt, fear, hate or guilt. All this does is keep us in bondage. It is time to see hope, love and peace! This will lead us to light, and the light will be the path to the other side: our freedom, our destiny!

I promise you: The biggest thing I have learned on my journey is that there are more great people out there than bad! I am flabbergasted by the humanity y'all have shown to me and to each other. YOU, MY FRIENDS, ARE THE MIRACLE IN ALL OF THIS! I have read a lot of your messages on,
MySpace, and I see a lot of the same questions. We are going through the same journey. YAY! I am going to try and answer as many of your questions as I can:

Yes we are filming for 4th season. It starts Nov 28th
Click here and put in your zip code Find 'Ruby' in your area

I am working hard to get it back on a channel to make it available for everyone..Please be patient with me and say a prayer that the people that need to do this will make it happen. :O)
You can get 1st, 2nd & 3rd season here:

DO NOT wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow will NEVER come—or it may come 10 years later.
Start this very second.
Start breaking your addiction right now,
start your dream right now!
If you mess up, start over again right then and your mistake will be erased. If you stay in your mistake, beat yourself up and continue, it will turn into repercussions that could last a lifetime.
Write down everything you drink and eat in a notebook or journal. I do have bad days, when the addiction tries to take me over again, again and again. I tell myself that one moment of pleasure is not worth the after effects. That one moment of feeling good is a lie from the pit of helicopter. That one moment of pleasure will put me in bondage! The biggest thing WE must do is reach out for help...make a call, text, email someone, call an 800 number. I have a new therapist, Dr. Jane Weilenman, who is helping me cross over. You have to talk and find out why you want that food, drug, person, alcohol that is KILLING YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR RELATIONSHIPS! MAKE THE CALL!
The hardest part of this journey for me is reaching out and doing this, but because I am, it is saving me! YAY!

2. Go to the doctor and find out how your health is. Go get blood work, X-rays, etc. Stop avoiding—please do this! If my mother hadn't bugged me to death to go to the doctor, I would be dead by now. I had no idea I had diabetes, a liver with fatty tissue, cholesterol issues...I was dying because of diabetes. It is the silent killer! Please go get and get a checkup. Make the appointment today. If you can't afford it, there are free clinics out there that will help you!

3. My diet was Ourlife Fresh and sometimes I still eat the dinners because I do not have time to cook. It is not processed foods; it was created around diabetes, and I promise you it changed my palate! It taught me that there was a variety of healthy food out there I had no idea about. It taught me portion sizes. I went cold turkey on this for three to six months, and I give you my word: It was harder than helicopter at first, but now I love and crave the food! Please click here just to listen.I know money is an issue for a lot of you! TRUST ME I KNOW!!! If you do not do something about your health now it will cost you more in Doctor bills, medications, hospital, remember diabetes is the silent killer!
This is what I've been doing lately: Ruby's Tips on eating I need to tell everyone this is not a competition every program that is trying to help people lose weight should be about the good of the people with this addiction and I believe they are. You have to do what is best for YOU and affordable for YOU! No matter if you do OurLife, A 90 day Challenge to help you get started, Wt Watchers, your own diet, etc... you will NEVER EVER beat this completely until you find out WHY YOU ARE EATING!
Find out what you are feeding mentally, emotionally, spiritually!!!
If it was all about what we were feeding physically we wouldn't be here.
The first thing a child can get their hands on to medicate is food!!!
So please go here:
click here for someone to help you, Tennie McCarty, Paula White.
I believe doing something healthy for 3 to 6 months will break and change your addiction.

4. We have to exercise: Walk, ride a bike, work out with a trainer, work out with your friends, dance, box! Start out easy. You could try 15-20 minutes more than you do now, and work up to 4-5 times a day. (Definitely talk to your doctor before you start to work out—see how important that checkup is?!) Please email my trainers Drew and Shazi @
on their Web site; they are more than happy to give you a workout for your weight and condition. They will help you get started.6. Please click here and read this page.

5. Yes! You can still order my book right here.

I KNOW I TELL Y'ALL THIS A LOT, BUT IT IS SO IMPORTANT: Smile and say hi to a stranger, open the door for someone, think of the special people in your life who give their all to you daily! Say hi to a homeless person and watch out for who is lonely. There are people everywhere who do not have a roof over their head, people who are truly starving to death. Invite them over or just have coffee with them. There are so many lonely people who have no one to hug them or to say I love you! There are many without jobs. There are many who do not have an air condition in this heat wave or heater on a cold night!There are many out there dying from a disease or an addiction, and sometimes all they need is a hello or someone to talk to for just five minutes. Give someone a dollar, a hug, a big smile; make someone laugh; just say hello and give a helping hand, or grab their hand a say a prayer for them. It will change their lives more than you will ever know. You will help them believe they are special, because they truly are! You will make them believe in themselves and humanity. Remember, some of these people can be sitting right under our noses. Open your eyes and be aware! One day this could be us. Miracles happen every single day: A child is healed from cancer, someone gets a new and better job, someone is beating disease and addiction. Miracles, miracles, miracles!
The credit belongs to those who are actually in the arena, who strive valiantly; who know the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spend themselves in a worthy cause; who at the best, know the triumph of high achievement; and who, at the worst, if they fail, fail while daring greatly, so that their place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
-- Theodore Roosevelt

I am working with several people right now on different ideas and ways to come see, meet, hug and thank everyone of ya'll! Let me throw some ideas out to ya'll:
1) I want to come and start WFN (women's fat night) & MFN (men's fat night) with ya'll in your area and then come back and check on ya'll.
2) If you belong to a church, school, college, hospital, any organizations, etc... I could come speakthere, do a walk or anything ya'll would like me to do.
Churches pls contact:
Mary Sloan
Phone: 864-525-9424
For others pls contact:
Kristie Myrick
Phone: 818-444-7984

If you are calling for Radio, Interviews or any kind of media pls contact:
Kristie Myrick
Phone: 818-444-7984
Please always email me at RubysFins@aol.coma
nd write on the subject who you have called, the time, date & what you would like me to do.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pls 2day/it is time 2 love freely If u win the bid 4 me YES, I WILL CALL U! Hard work, sacrifice & focus will never show up N tests!

Pls 2day/it is time 2 love freely If u win the bid 4 me YES, I WILL CALL U! Hard work, sacrifice & focus will never show up N tests! Remember it is 4 a bigger cause & that 's what truly matters! The love u show will come back 2 U 7fold! YAY!

Hi ya'll,

it is SEPT 15TH and
I’m in the charity auction all you have 2 do is bid on me after U go 2 find @Rubysjourney
& click it! LOVE FREELY! Be a light in someone else's life !
By doing this:

click here
then you click on
"tweet it now"
then you click on
all you have to do is this and you will change someone's life!
It is TIME 2 LOVE FREELY just one click on twitter gets a child closer to their home!
Pls do this today :O)

~ Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. ~

Too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

All proceeds from the TwitChange celebrity auction will provide the means to finish rebuilding the Miriam Center. The Miriam Center houses, educates and loves on Haitian children with cerebral palsy, severe autism, and other major life challenges and is one of the only facilities of its kind in Haiti. The current facility houses children in the earthquakeʼs aftermath and is extremely overcrowed. These kids need and deserve a permanent home.

~ Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed. ~

Ya'll we all can unite and be a part of changing someone's life!
Lets be the light in someone's life TODAY!!!
The show starts November 28th :O)