Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Thank y'all so much for supporting me on my journey! Many of you ask me how I stay motivated. This season you are about 2 watch me go through the hardest time since my journey started! You will see I am battling the beast still and I struggle just like y'all! You will watch me go down hill so fast and I'am oblivious 2 what is happening 2 me! This season was the hardest for me! You will watch me start out in a storm that turns into a tornado 2 a hurricane 2 an earthquake that shakes me so hard that I believe I will never get back up! The question I leave y'all with is....DO I GET BACK UP? CAN WE ALL GET BACK UP AFTER FALLING SO HARD?
All of your emails and post that ask me: "Ruby how do you stay motivated?" or "Ruby I can't do this?" or "Ruby I can't beat this, I am trying, but I can't beat this!" or "Ruby, how can I get help, where do I find help, how can I help myself?"......etc... the list goes on and you are about to find out that I am walking with all of you as you are with me! All the answers to your questions will be answered for y'all in my shame, in my failing, in my blindness to people and myself. In this shame, failure, blindness I SAW ME!! It may sound strange to a lot of people, but sometimes it takes sinking to truly find our truth!!! I am sorry if during my failure I let y'all down! Trust me I let myself down worse!!! God as my witness, your questions will be answered through this season!
I love you!! xoxo, Ruby