Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My Latest: We are each of us ANGELS with only one wing, and can only fly embracing each other! :O)

Hi ya'll,

I am leaving to go out of town today! I will be in Chicago than Las Vegas, NV. I will back online Tuesday. Stay focussed and remember start today because tomorrow will never ever come. Take one day at a time and stay in the boxing ring & fight, fight, fight! Remember the true battlefield is WITHIN:

Pls vote 4 my Ben @ to win a full scholarship 4 school. He is my music man!:O)

Lets beat the odds YAY!

The show comes back on Feb 14th, 8-9pm on the Style Network

Please click here to listen what OurLifeFresh did for me:

If you have any questions about fitness feel free to contact my trainers Drew & Shazi:

Thank you so much for your friendships and support! WE WILL beat our BEAST no matter what it is! I believe in YOU!

Love ya'll,